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Information Storage and Management–Free Sample Chapter

This authoritative guide is essential for getting up to speed on the newest advances in information storage and management. This new edition of the unparalleled bestseller serves as a full training course all in one and as the world's largest data storage company, EMC is the ideal author for such […]

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Planning for the Redeployment of Technical Personnel in the Modern Data Center

Learn how to plan for the redeployment of personnel in a modern data center. The modern data center is a highly technical combination of servers, memory devices, management workstations, security devices, software, network-related services, equipment racks, Ethernet LAN switches, multilayer switches, cabling, power systems, cooling systems, fabric switches, and a […]

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Total Cost Comparison: Storage Solutions in Microsoft Exchange Environments

Learn about different Exchange storage solutions, how to select the right one and manage costs over time. This independent study by Mercer Management Consulting was designed to identify what drives total cost in Exchange storage environments and how EMC, HP and Network Appliance storage area network (SAN) solutions compare in […]

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