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Building a Better Cloud

Learn what IT Executives need to look for in a Cloud Service Provider. Over the last few years, cloud computing has changed the face of business and IT. It has created new opportunities to manage technology resources, trim costs, and ratchet up productivity.Simply put: It offers an impressive framework for […]

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A Detailed Look at Data Replication Options for Disaster Recovery Planning

Provides a technical overview and high level considerations for IT professionals to think about when considering a replication strategy. As IT organizations are increasingly faced with more stringent service level agreements (SLAs), data replication has become a common component of many companies’ data protection plans. This white paper defines six […]

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Advanced Netflow for Performance Management

Learn How to Monitor Netflow in Real-Time at Scale Flow-based monitoring and analysis are essential tools of network management andtroubleshooting, ensuring that enterprise and service provider networks are meeting user and application requirements and meeting service level agreements. The SevOne network performance management solution seamlessly integrates the industry’s highest capacity […]

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Assuring Ethernet Backhaul Performance

Never Experience Service-Related Downtime Again, Employ These Proper Performance Management Strategies Today! The evolution from circuit-switched technologies such as ATM, TDM and frame relay, to packet-switched technology such as Carrier Ethernet means less cost for carriers in terms of devices, and convergence in both the network layers in the core […]

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Scalability in Log Management

Are you aware of the drivers for log management scalability and the resulting requirements that should be considered in any log management evaluation? In the last few years, log management has become increasingly relevant to multiple groups within any organization. Audit teams leverage logs to automate compliance reporting and detect […]

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SAP Landscapes on Autopilot with Workload Automation

Discover how introducing an enterprise-wide automation strategy will lead to significant increases in productivity. The management of SAP landscapes is a major challenge for many organizations. To keep their service level agreements, the impact of huge workloads resulting from high data volume and end-user generated batch-requests needs to be managed. […]

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CRM Technology Briefing Report: Neocase Software for Customer Support

Build a knowledge base that can be used for continuous learning and rapid resolution of customer requests. CRM Mastery shows how a solution like Neocase Software can help companies like yours: Increase first call resolution rates Streamline customer service workflow processes (escalation and reassignment) to more rapidly close cases Gain […]

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Staying One Step Ahead with Synthetic Performance Monitoring

Learn why it’s essential that businesses measure application response times from an end-users’ perspective to ensure optimal service delivery. Today’s competitive environment requires that businesses measure and report application response times from an end-users’ perspective, enabling customers to measure application availability and performance and meet service level agreements. Learn more […]

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Storage Considerations for SharePoint Backups

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 9:00 am/12:00pm ET. Backup and Restore of a SharePoint environment can be a complex endeavor as the product consists of multiple components running at various tiers, each with their own backup and restore requirements. In addition, SharePoint documents are stored as Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) […]

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