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Top 5 Reasons to Replace your Remote Support Tool

Why your existing remote support tool may not be keeping pace with the changing needs of your end users and customers. Take a good look at your remote support tool – chances are the changing demands of employees and customers mean it may no longer meet your needs. In this […]

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Legacy Tools: Not Built for Today’s Helpdesk

Why applications like RDP™, pcAnywhere™, VPNs and VNC™ may be costing you time, money and end-user satisfaction. Is your helpdesk scraping by with outdated and inefficient legacy tools? In this valuable white paper, you will learn: The challenges of supporting a remote workforce with legacy tools The surprisingly high hidden […]

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Scalability in Log Management

Are you aware of the drivers for log management scalability and the resulting requirements that should be considered in any log management evaluation? In the last few years, log management has become increasingly relevant to multiple groups within any organization. Audit teams leverage logs to automate compliance reporting and detect […]

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